The Rules

Frank Martin carries out his business according to strict rules, which he is loath to break, and expects his clients to adhere to them as well….or face a breach of contract!


His rules are:

1. "The deal is the deal"

2. "No names"

3. "Never open the package"

4. "Never make a promise you can't keep"

While at first these rules may seem unnecessarily strict, their importance is illustrated in the opening scenes of the movie when Frank is hired to “transport” three men… but four arrive, no less fresh from a bank heist.  As the group piles into the Transporter's car he explains to them that the "deal" was for a precise number of passengers with a specific weight of 254 kilograms and that the fuel and vehicle suspension have been specifically set to reach the destination based on three men, and the agreed upon weight....and the that "deal" can not be renegotiated! The gang of bank robbers is then forced to remove the extra man (by shooting him and dumping him out of the car) or risk being caught by the fast approaching authorities.

Satisfied that the rules are now complied with, Frank puts the car in drive and speeds away!

Frank's breaking of his own rules is the central theme of The Transporter movie.

Production Note:

The opening bank robbery scene was filmed at the Chamber de Commerce  in Nice, France on a Saturday morning. The building is located at: 22 Boulevard Carabacel, Nice (France) -










The Transporter
Frank leaving the Alliance Investment Bank with three passngers...not four!
The Transporter Movie
Frank is now upset....and on his way back to have a talk with Wallstreet and his thugs!
The Transporter
Frank is always serious!
The Transporter

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of the "Alliance Investment bank" in Nice, France -

When Frank breaks the rules bad things happen!