Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a highly skilled driver known only as "The Transporter." The reclusive character is a former special forces soldier, who now lives on the French Mediterranean coastline (Cassis, France) with a lucrative "backup" career. He will transport anything, no questions asked, from Point A to Point B, always on time, and he is known as the best in the business. He strictly follows three rules when transporting: Rule #1: "Never change the deal", Rule #2: "No names", and Rule #3: "Never open the package."


The film starts with Frank having been hired to transport "Three men...254 kilos." When not three, but four men get into his car, fresh from a bank heist (Nice, France) Frank refuses to move the car..... holding fast to Rule #1. After one gang member is killed by the other members and is thrown out of the car. Frank leaves with the remaining robbers. On delivery to their destination, a major police chase ensues. After Franks "skills" allows the group to elude the authorities he arrives at the agreed upon drop point. Additional money is presented to "The Transporter" to drive further down the road to Avignon. He refuses the deal, again adhering to Rule #1. The robbers escape in another car, and Frank departs.


Frank returns to his villa (Cassis, France) , and he finds out via a newscast that the gang was caught after crashing their getaway car in a high speed chase near Avignon. Later, local police Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand), who happens to be a close acquaintance, arrives to question Frank about the robbery, since his make and model of car was the same type of car as used in the robbery. However, despite his suspicions about Frank's involvement, Tarconi has no concrete proof about the heist (due to Frank cleaning up the car and changing the licence plate) and leaves his villa.


























After receiving the package, Wall Street asks Frank to transport a brief case. Frank accepts the job. He takes the briefcase and leaves. On the way, he stops at a gas station to eat and rest for a little while, but the briefcase turns out to be a bomb that destroys Frank's car in the parking lot but leaves him unharmed. Frank snaps and returns to Wall Street's residence (Cannes, France) with a vengeance, shooting up the place and killing or injuring several of his henchmen and then stealing a car to get away, only to find "the package" tied to a chair in the back seat (the girl).


Later on, he returns to his house, and unties the package (girl)who tells him that her name is Lai. The next day, Tarconi arrives. Lai opens the door and claims to be Frank's new cook. He asks about Frank's car, producing its scorched license plate. Lai now says she is Frank's new girlfriend and supports Frank's alibi with an invented story about how they met. Tarconi leaves with no proof again. However, shortly after he leaves, missiles rain down on Frank's house, and Frank and Lai are barely able to escape the house into the sea, swimming away from the house on scuba as it completely explodes. The attack was retaliation from Wallstreet.....Franks villa is destroyed.


At the police station, being questioned about the destruction of Frank's house, Frank and Lai are able to deflect Tarconi's questions, and Lai manages to sneak onto Tarconi's computer to access information on Wall Street. She tells Frank that Wall Street is trafficking two shipping containers full of Chinese people including her own father and family, and is planning to sell them into slavery. Lai and Frank go to Wall Street's office to find the shipping docket identifying the containers. However, Wall Street reveals that Lai's father is not in the containers. In fact, her father is the man responsible for the human trafficking. Tarconi, who was following Frank, then arrives at the office. Wall Street and Lai's father accuse Frank of kidnapping Lai and attempting to blackmail them. Unable to prove otherwise, Tarconi has Frank arrested and locked up in the station.


At the station, Frank does his best to explain the situation to Tarconi. Tarconi agrees to abet Frank's escape as his faux hostage. Frank then tracks the criminals to the docks, where they load the containers onto trucks. However, Frank is spotted and is forced to fight his way through the guards, failing to stop the trucks. He then steals a small airplane and parachutes onto one of the trucks, killing Wall Street and a number of his henchmen. After getting out of the truck, Frank is then ambushed by Lai's father. However, Frank is saved when Lai shoots her own father. Afterwards, Tarconi arrives with the police and they rescue the people trapped inside one container, and Frank and Lai help to load them in the ambulances as the film ends.



The Transporter

Frank (Jason Statham) is then hired by a shifty character "The Boss" to deliver a package to an American gangster (Matt Schulze) living in a mansion in Cannes, France. The gangster is only known as "Wall Street." Frank picks up the package, a large bag and begins the journey. While changing a flat tire on the road to Cannes (A8 motorway), he notices that something is moving in the package, but he refuses to open the package. During the way, he breaks one of his rules and opens the package that was placed into the trunk of his BMW. He finds inside the package a bound woman. He makes a small hole in the tape over her mouth and gives her some Orangina juice to drink. She manages to escape but he recaptures her and disables two policemen who happen upon them. He delivers "the package" as promised to Wallstreet's mansion in Cannes. We later find that "Wallstreets" real name Darren Bettencourt.

Jason Statham negotiates with "The Boss" played by actor Didier Saint Melin, while actor Jean Yves Bilien looks on.

Missing Scenes

The Transporter
The Transporter
The Transporter
The Transporter

To maintain a PG-13 rating (in the USA) The Transporter was edited from it's original final cut (French) version.


Altogether, about 100 frames of film were removed.

After the Transporter has rammed the knife into the first opponents arm, the PG-13 version changes the perspective while the French version stays with the first shot. The US version is about 1 second shorter. 

The Transporter pulls the knife out of the arm and stabs it into the leg of the next opponent.  In the US version this scene is 5 seconds longer, but some frames are removed during a perspective change.

In the US version this scene is 2 seconds shorter as some frames of the film are removed during a change in perspective.

When "Wallstreet" is knocked from the truck, in the final fight scene, his body in the French version is seen going under the wheels of the trailer and in the US version the body is seen going along side the roadway. By having "Wallstreet" killed during this scene it effectivly prevents a sequel of the original Transporter movie and a revisit of the "Wallstreet" character?

The Transporter
The Transporter

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Didier Saint Melin

Jean Yves Bilien

The Transporter

The above scene, where Frank deflects an inbound missile, was deleted from the final cut of The Transporter. Although the scene did appear in some early trailers and PR stills prmoting the film.


Note: This scene was removed at the request of Jason Statham as being too unbelieveable to be taken seriously.

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Alternate DVD box and artwork for Asian markets. Was quickly discontinued and replaced with the stndard Transporter DVD box, with Mandarin Chinese characters -