Still Photography from The Transporter movie -

Jack English (professional photographer) took many still photographs during the filming of The Transporter. Several of these photographs are shown here. Jack was hired by Luc Besson to join the production crew throughout the South of France and take still photographs. All of the pictures on the DVD covers, movie posters and other promotional materials were taken by Jack as well. Jack has stated that he worked on the project for about 50 days....and enjoyed working with Jason Statham and the whole production crew. He said it was a fun project.

He currently resides in London.


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Jason Statham as "The Transporter" has become somewhat of a pop culture icon -

Photo shoot Los Angeles -

Jason is outfitted with Armani jackets and slacks in The Transporter films. For action sequences he is fitted with custom stretch slacks, by the wardrobe department, that are identical to the Armani but allow for stretching. For the filming of the original Transporter film there were 18 sets stretch slacks made (Martine Rapin).