At the time of the production and filming of The Transporter movie (2000-2001) Darren Bettencourt worked for talent agent and producer Steven Chasman. They were located in an office on the FOX studios lot, sharing an office with French film director Luc Besson. Both Luc and Steven were working on the Transporter movie project.

Steven, as one of the producers of The Transporter movie, named the "Wallstreet" character after Darren Bettencourt as a birthday presant.

One of the only references to "Wallstreet's" real name in the movie is while "Lai and Frank" are scrolling through the D.A.T.A.P.O.L mug shots  in Inspector Tarconi's office at the police station.  As they come upon "Wallstreet's" mug shot his real name is shown as "Darren Bettencourt".

Production note: all of the mug shots in the D.A.T.A.P.O.L database in this scene were actually of various production crew members who were working on this location shoot.

At the time, Steven Chasman was the agent/manager for both Jason Statham and Matt Schulze.

The official film credits list Darren Bettencourt as (Personal Assistant to Steven Chasman, USA).

Darren is currently a talent manager in New York.​ (The Representitives NYC)

The "Bettencourt Mansion" is located in Cannes, France at 18 Ave de Benefiat (see below) and is known as Chateau des Fayeres. The house dates back to the late 1800's and is considered a historical landmark in the area.


The real Darren Bettencourt -

The Transporter

​The character in The Transporter movie named "Wallstreet" (actor Matt Schulze) actually had a real name. In the scene where Lai and Frank are going through the D.A.T.A.P.O.L records on the computer at the police station the name Darren Bettencourt is shown to be "Wallstreets" real name.

There is a real Darren Bettencourt! (See Picture at Left)


The Real

Darren Bettencourt





The Transporter

Matt Schulze -

Darren Bettencourt



The Transporter Movie
The Transporter Movie
The Transporter Movie

The character "Wallstreet" had a real name of Darren Bettencourt. He had dark past! But a lot of questions remain about this character:


  • Was he a wanted fugitive by INTERPOL?

  • Was he a drug king pin?

  • Was he gay?

  • Was he a human trafficer?

  • Did he own Riviera Construction?

  • Did he die when thrown from the truck?

  • Could Wallstreet ever be brought back and again be seen in a Transporter film?

The Transporter Movie

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Building records (Cannes): 

The house (chateau des Fayeres) was built in 1872 for Aimé Denis Constant  (Count of Fayères) who sold it in 1885 to Robert d'Orléans (Duke of Chartres). 

Sold to Lord and Lady Harry Mallaby-Deeley in 1926. Address of record was 12 Ave de Saissey at the time. Lord Mallaby-Deeley died at des Fayères in 1937.

Sold to Sir Andrew Benjamin Cohen (Govenor of Uganda) in 1940. Resided at des Fayères until his death in 1968.

Sold to unknown party in 1968. Original property subdivided multiple times. Address changed from 12  Ave de Saissey to 18 Ave de Benefiat.

Sold in 1981 to Michel Horeczko.

Sold in 2011. No records available.

Parcel # 000-CW-232  (22,203 sq/meters)

The Chateau des Fayeres parcel now has (5) Cannes postal addresses (06400) due to subdivision and the building of (3) condo buildings on the original property. See above picture. The main entrance to the cheateau is located on Ave Poralto at the corner of Ave Benefiat. The original entrance is still on Ave de Saissey at the corner of Ave de Benefiat and is the gate that Jason Statham drives through in the black Mercedes (see below) as seen in The Transporter movie.



Master bedroom-



sitting room-

Pool and terrace-

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12 ave de Saissey


14 ave Benefiat


15 ave Poralto

Cheateau Des Fayeres

18 ave Benefiat

Circular drive and parking area-

View from garden-

The Transporter Movie
The Transporter

Google maps location for Chateau des Fayeres

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The "Wallstreet" Mansion -

Cheateau Des Fayeres Gate House

28 ave Benefiat

The original Chateau des Fayeres plot consisted of a large 22,000 sq/m property with an original entrance gate and address of 10 ave de Saissey. The property was subdivided over the years into 5 seperate addresses (mostly condos).


All buildings designated with            below are part of the original Chateau des Fayeres property.

Cheateau Des Fayeres

Car Storage

Below are pictures of previous owners of Chateau des Fayeres - Additional information will be added soon.